BeaverCoin is an electronic monetary and payment system which is independent from banks, states and governments. Instead of using a central place for regulation, it is based on a P2P-network in which there is an exchange between the computers of all participants.

With BeaverCoin you can pay worldwide, no matter in which country you are in at the moment.


Quick and free of charges

“Time is money”, and vice versa. As a result, BeaverCoin can be transferred to other wallets within a few minutes. Free of charges.


BeaverCoin works with powerful encryption technologies. By doing so, a high security is ensured.

Increasing Value

The amount of BeaverCoins is strictly limited to 3.36 million coins. This prevents inflation and makes sure, that the value of each BeaverCoin will rise in the long run.

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Latest version: v1.2.0