BeaverCoin enters final stage

The moment has finally arrived. The technical infrastructure around BeaverCoin is now completely set up and we can now declare the test stage to be ended. Starting from now, the Beavercoin project has moved on to its final stage, which means that, among other things, the official community forum for questions and help, but also the first mining pool are available.

Our web site also got improved over the last months so that visitors quickly find their way to the specific information they are looking for.


Our official forum is being operated with a modern forum-software called NodeBB which is known to be easy and intuitive to work with, but also extraordinarily progressive as far as performance is concerned. In contrast to most other forum-software, NodeBB has not been written in PHP but runs under the Node.js-platform.

Since the server communicates in real-time with the user’s web browser by using a websocket-connection, NodeBB offers extraordinary possibilities in terms of the forum’s speed, which are not possible with any other forum software. For instance, new topics and post are displayed immediately without being forced to refresh the page. The forum can be used for questions to the community, for announcing and collecting points of acceptance, but also as a marketplace for placing offers. For other things, which are not related to BeaverCoin, a special off-topic section can be used.

Mining Pool

Starting from today, we provide an official mining pool which can be used to mine BeaverCoins in the most easy and comfortable way. Our mining pool can be reached via and has a fee of one percent only. The minimum amount is one BeaverCoin so that the first coins can be paid out right after the start of mining.

For operating the mining pool we use the approved pool software MPOS which we have adapted to the mining of BeaverCoin-coins. During the start period we will not charge any fees on the minded coins for 7 days, which is why BeaverCoins can be mined free of charge via the mining pool at the moment.

How will things continue?

After BeaverCoin proved to be stable in the last months, time has come to make it known on an international level. You can help us by sharing and spreading BeaverCoin on social networks, participating in the community or simply supporting the network with your processing power. We are grateful for every kind of support.

Our two block chain explorers, we are currently working on, will be published immediately after they will be done in the next few days. We keep you informed in our news section, on Facebook and Twitter.