BeaverCoin-QT now available for Mac and Linux, Version 1.1.0 and future changes

Beside of Windows only, BeaverCoin-QT is now also available for Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded from the start page. Thanks to Instacash for the correct compilation the application correctly under both platforms.

New version 1.1.0

On top of that, we have also released the latest BeaverCoin version v1.1.0 in which we again managed to further improve BeaverCoin. Next to small changes of the user interface and an update of all software libraries to their latest versions, we now also have completely implemented the DNS-seed.

The DNS-seed enables you to find other users of the BeaverCoin network faster. Newly downloaded BeaverCoin programs can now establish their first connections to other gateways in the P2P-network in order to start downloading the block chain immediately. By using DNS-seed the network in general got more reliable and stable.

Future changes

We are now working on both a forum and a mining pool. The official fan shop has been opened and can be visited already. Most likely this Friday August 29, 2014, we will terminate the test stage of BeaverCoin and publish our forum and mining pool.

There is one more thing. A block-chain explorer is also in development will be published soon. Actually, we are working on two different block-chain softwares which we adjust to the specifications of BeaverCoin. On the one hand, there is Insight, a real-time web application whose adjusted version will run as our primary block explorer, on the other, there is Abe, which we will provide as an alternative explorer. As far as the latter is concerned, we work together with K1773R, a user which supports us with his experience in configuring the software.