Installing the command line client

As an alternative for the graphic BeaverCoin-QT client interface, you can also use a command line client without graphic user interface (GUI), which can be started and operated via your operating system (OS).

It is recommended for most users to use the ‘normal’ BeaverCoin client as the command line client is more difficult to install and operate. Usually, the command line is being used for servers only and not for common PCs since most servers do not possess a GUI.

If you, however, want or have to use the command line client, this is how you set it up:


Follow these steps to use the command line client of BeaverCoin with Windows:

  1. Download beavercoind.exe for Windows
  2. Click the Start button. In the Search box, type Command Prompt, and then, in the list of results, double-click Command Prompt.
  3. Use the command cd in order to navigate to the directory of beavercoind.exe, e.g. via cd Downloads
  4. Enter beavercoind.exe to launch BaverCoin for the very first time. A message will appear, telling you that a configuration file has to be created first.
  5. To create the configuration file open Windows Explorer, type %APPDATA% and hit enter. You’ll automatically be transferred to the Application Data folder.
  6. A file named beavercoin.conf has to be created in the directory of BeaverCoin. The file’s content may look like this:
  7. Now, beavercoind.exe can be restarted via the command prompt and will start mining.