BeaverCoin enters final stage

The moment has finally arrived. The technical infrastructure around BeaverCoin is now completely set up and we can now declare the test stage to be ended. Starting from now, the Beavercoin project has moved on to its final stage, which means that, among other things, the official community forum for questions and help, but also the first mining pool are available.

Our web site also got improved over the last months so that visitors quickly find their way to the specific information they are looking for.


Test stage has started

transparentThe new crypto-currency called BeaverCoin has advanced to test stage today. It uses a scrypt algorithm and is technically based on the crypto-currency Litecoin, which in turn is based on Bitcoin.

The amount of coins is limited to 3.36 million. A new block will be generated every minute, which will give you 8 coins as an incentive throughout the first weeks after the start of BeaverCoin. No coins are premined. The difficulty for generating a block will be recalculated every amount of coins your receive per block will be reduced by 50% every year.