On this page you can find several online services for BeaverCoin.

Official websites

The following services are officially operated by the BeaverCoin Project:

  • – The official community forum, among other things, for questions and help around BeaverCoin, and for the presentation of new points of acceptance
  • – The official block chain explorer, here all blocks and transactions can be viewed
  • – Surveys and polls about BeaverCoin, with real-time update of the results
  • – Official faucet, every visitor receives per hour between 0.1 and 25 BeaverCoins.
  • – Official BeaverCoin wheel of fortune, every hour can be obtained a few BeaverCoins, with a little luck you even get the jackpot

Mining pools

On mining pools you can generate BeaverCoins with your computing power, and at the same time support the BeaverCoin network:

  • – The first Beaver Coin mining pool, operated by the founders (official)
  • – A P2P mining pool for BeaverCoin, operated by iSpace, use possible without registration
  • – Pool of the altcoin mining platform


Here you can buy and sell BeaverCoins:

Other services

  • – Bleutrade based faucet with more than 70 active altcoins including BeaverCoin, other cryptocurrencies can be changed directly in BeaverCoins
  • – Comprehensive statistics about the market capitalization, price trend and trading volume of BeaverCoin, converted to US dollars and Bitcoins
  • – Price chart and orderbook statistics, summarized by several marketplaces
  • – Another service with statistics about the trading price